Department of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

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Understandably, the need of the time is to keep pace with technological advancements, teaching methodology and research, in the light of fast changing scenario and business environment globally. As India marches into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), the institute is all set to respond as fast as possible by establishing the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Automation covering the emerging areas like machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. Welcome to Industry 4.0. Yes this is a revolution and we are privileged to contribute to the new era.

The Department has one of the most experienced and dedicated team who are specialists in core  domains including Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision,Block Chain and Security to name a few. The faculty is actively involved in research activities and has a huge list of publications supporting their research in National and International Journals. Mentors are always enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience with the students.

Today’s  competitive era demands creativity and innovation to be imbibed in the professionals at the under graduate level. The Department has adopted modern practices to enrich the thought process of students with creativity and innovation.

The Department in associating with its parent department of CSE is organizing INDO-EUROPIAN conference “International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Technologies” on 3rd July, 2021. Researchers and Scientist across the globe are participating in conference and shall share their research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Internet of Things. (CCICT2021)

Courses Offered

B.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) | Seats : 30

B.Tech. (Industrial Internet of Things) | Seats: 30