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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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This is an era of Disruption specifically for Computer Science. Each day established technologies are being replaced by more innovative and advanced technologies. The life span of any technologies is too small. Welcome to Industry 4.0. Yes this is a revolution and we are privileged to contribute to the new era.

Computer Science has established itself as the heart and soul most of the Engineering domains. In Department of Computer Science and Engineering we ensure to turn your dream into reality. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has an intake of 180 seats in B.Tech. Program. The Department has one of the most experienced and dedicated team of faculty who are specialists in core Computer Science domains including Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision,Block Chain,Wireless Networks, Computer Networks and Security to name a few. The faculty is actively involved in research activities and has a huge list of publications supporting their research in National and International Journals. Mentors are always enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience with the students.

Today’s  competitive era demands creativity and innovation to be imbibed in the professionals at the under graduate level. The Department has adopted modern practices to enrich the thought process of students with creativity and innovation. The Department encourages students to participate in various technical activities including Hackathons, Conferences, Seminars, Industrial Visits, Internships etc. The Department attracts the brightest students and faculty, and invite you to join us in our passion of enriching the world with sustainable development.


 Learning opportunities in Department of CSE

  • Problem Solving Skills through application of Mathematics, Science based foundations to develop different technologies of CSE.
  • Identifying Hardware and Develop Software using different language platforms with suitable IDE for ICT applications
  • Developing professional approach of using hardware and software tools in industry to inculcate creativity and innovation.
  • Professional communication and soft skills, that will enable to work in peer teams practicing professional ethics with an ability for lifelong learning.

Career Paths for B.Tech. CSE Students

  • Design solutions for complex real time problems of various domains that may be converted to a computer program.
  • Developing prediction and modeling tools using advanced concepts including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science etc.
  • Work on designing more effective hardware and software tools to optimize the computing capabilities of human beings with advanced technologies including Robotics and IOT.
  • Value the importance for, and exhibit an ability to engage in independent and life-long learning.

B.M. Institute of Engineering and Technology is DELL EMC Academic Alliance partner which is part of the Dell EMC External Research and Academic Alliances ecosystem .  BMIET is also member of Amazon AWS Educate program and offers various Global Certifications along with B.Tech with  IBM SkillBuild, edX and Coursera. 

Courses Offered

 B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering) | Seats : 120

Head of the Department
                                         Prof (Dr.) Harish Mittal

Dr. Gurminder Kaur(Incharge)