Mentor Testimonials

BMIET Faculty is a distinguished group with a list of honours and Research Awards to their credit.

Dr. R.P Jain, Ex Director

Our students come from varied backgrounds and hence bring diverse views into classroom interactions, thereby elevating the learning experience. They are serious about their roles and responsibilities and are tech savvy, giving priorities to experiential learning methodologies. This blooming student community reaps the maximum benefit out of our strong academic system and obtains multiple skills, which help them grow in their career.

Dr. Y.K Jain, Professor, Ex-Scientist, CEERI-Pilani

It is a great honor to be part of the BMIET family. Participating in the organization and development of the modules is an immensely satisfying experience in many ways. It allows me to develop a series of invaluable personal and professional connections. But the most satisfying of all, is sharing my knowledge with colleagues while I learn from them as well.

Col. Yogesh Jain, Deputy Director

B.Tech. as a course is an outcome of aspirations. In four years of campus life, a profound similarity grows between groups and Institution. Here, class rooms are seen as launch platforms, library as insurance for exams, teachers as Institution and placements as priorities. To sum up, distinctiveness is the system here which was never the same.

Dr. Vishal Jain, Dean Academics

The way to success is learnt, shared, transferred and witnessed by the young students from the alumni, society and of course teachers. These budding professionals succeed in their dream career, soon after we enrich them with wisdom and knowledge. Learn, Innovate and Lead is the philosophy seeded by BMIET.

Dr. Manoj, Professor & HOD Applied Science

“I have taught at BMIET for 20 years, and every year I have seen the positive difference the college makes in the lives of its students.  That is something I wish to support.” What I enjoyed the most was, apart from the high professionalism and support from the management, the students’ enthusiasm, their direct participation to the lecture, having a lot of questions and comments concerning the subjects taught.