Launch of BMIET and Byndr Apps….

Today,23 March,2017 The Managing Director Sh. Rakesh Kuchhal have launched two android based mobile apps  – First is the Official App of BMIET and Second is Byndr. Both Apps can be downloaded from Google play store. BMIET app provide useful information about college ,latest news,notices etc while byndr is an ERP based app. Byndr connects students, teachers and colleges on a simple, fast and mobile-first platform. Byndr is designed  from the ground-up with a focus on ease-of-use, ensuring every student has access to educational resources outside of the classroom. Byndr is designed to meet the learning management needs of colleges. With Byndr, teachers can administer their subjects with ease from any device. Students stay engaged and connected to educational resources outside of the classroom.

BMIET App is developed by our final year students named AAYUSHI MISHRA and VINEET JAIN from computer science and engineering. College management award them with letter of appreciation.

IMG_0945 IMG_0946

bm app1 bm app2 byndr1 byndr2

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