Civil Engineering

If you are curious, adventurous, motivated and deserving, the Department of Civil Engineering is designed for you. The students will acquire the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for entry and success in the professional practice of Civil Engineering. The program provides advanced instructions in the latest tools and technology of engineering practice. Our graduates are prepared for the contemporary demands they will face when they enter the profession, as well as the technological challenges they need to address in the future.

Civil Engineers do great things for our society. Civil engineers are responsible for the infrastructure that transports goods and people; the buildings that we live, work, and recreate in; the technologies to deliver safe drinking water, manage our waste, and remediate hazards; and the systems that protect us against natural disasters. In other words, Civil Engineers design, construct, and maintain almost every part of our communities and build environment that we live in every day.
The S.O.M ,Fluid mechanics,Survey, Concrete Technology,Open Channel Flow, Geomatics Engg., Geology Labs have been established.

Courses Offered

 B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) | Seats : 60